Partnership Announcement: Double & GoodDollar Unite to Pioneer the Future of Sustainable Crypto UBI

3 min readAug 22, 2023


Double, a groundbreaking platform that redefines DeFi engagement is thrilled to unveil a transformative partnership with GoodDollar, the trailblazer in creating a sustainable and real-world usable crypto Universal Basic Income (UBI), This strategic collaboration is set to reshape the landscape of financial empowerment by seamlessly integrating a user-centric crypto UBI with innovative DeFi solutions.

About the Collaboration

G$ holders now have a new opportunity to use their G$ to engage with Double’s liquidity program and increase the liquidity of the token. How?

Token holders can deposit their assets into Double here, checking their ranking via, following the user guide provided. The program offers a unique opportunity for token holders to not only access special benefits but also contribute to the liquidity of the G$ token.

Holders of G$ have a unique opportunity to earn DDJ tokens by depositing their G$ tokens. Until the 31st of August 2023, holders of G$ tokens, can deposit unused G$ into Double. By doing so, they will earn Double’s incentive Token — Double Dip Joy (DDJ), an ERC20 token that has no premine but strong protocol native demands!

Double uses DDC, the utility NFT, to manage how much capital can be deployed in the double ecosystem. DDJ is the only currency that can be used to participate in the auction to win the community allocation of premined DDC or to breed and mint new DDC by existing DDC holders to meet the strong market demand of DDC. G$ holders that earn DDJ can then bid for an auction of a DDC or sell their tokens to other Double community members.

Key Highlights of the Partnership

Empowering Real-World Usage: GoodDollar’s sustainable and reserve-backed UBI finds perfect alignment with Double’s mission to create tangible value and accessible DeFi engagement, ensuring more ways for crypto UBI to be used as real money.

Multi-Chain Presence: GoodDollar’s multi-chain presence on Celo aligns seamlessly with Double’s cross-chain vision, creating new avenues for UBI distribution and accessibility.

G$ Token as Payment Asset: The G$ token’s role for P2P commerce is further enhanced by integration into Double’s ecosystem, facilitating a broader and more impactful use case for users.

Community Empowerment: Through integration with Double, GoodDollar’s UBI enhances the token’s utility, providing individuals with more ways to use their G$ e,and offering more opportunities for GoodDollar’s global community to continue building their financial empowerment. The partnership between GoodDollar and Double marks a significant milestone in the evolution of crypto UBI and DeFi engagement, creating more opportunities for users to use their G$ on innovating DeFI products.

About Double:

Double reimagines DeFi by fostering an ecosystem that empowers liquidity providers and users alike. With a focus on innovation and user accessibility, Double’s protocols make DeFi participation seamless and intuitive, perfectly aligning with GoodDollar’s mission of creating an inclusive and user-driven UBI ecosystem.

About GoodDollar:

GoodDollar stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a crypto UBI that transcends theoretical concepts to become a practical reality. This sustainable UBI is designed to serve as more than a mere token; it is a reliable means of real-world exchange. Backed by DAI reserves and powered by an Automated Market Maker (AMM) for liquidity and price discovery, GoodDollar’s UBI model is a testament to its commitment to real-world usage and impact.




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