Exciting Partnership Announcement: Valora x Double

2 min readAug 23, 2023


We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between two leading forces in the Celo blockchain ecosystem — Double and Valora. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in providing unparalleled opportunities for the Valora community while revolutionizing liquidity provision in the world of decentralized finance.

Introducing Double: Redefining Liquidity Provision

Double emerges as a trailblazing AMM LP-side-only innovation, bridging the gap between the traditional market-making model found in centralized exchanges and the decentralized realm of AMMs. By introducing this novel approach, Double transforms the landscape by doubling ROI and remarkably minimizing impermanent loss for capital providers.

Moreover, Double has set its sights on tackling the liquidity challenges faced by token projects. With its ingenious solution, Double not only amplifies returns but also ensures liquidity remains robust and stable, ultimately benefiting projects and investors alike.

About Valora: Your Gateway to the Celo Ecosystem

Valora stands at the forefront of the Celo ecosystem, offering users an exceptional and seamless crypto experience. With over 50 crypto assets and access to 30+ cutting-edge Dapps for swapping, sending, and growing your crypto portfolio, Valora empowers you to explore the world of blockchain right from your mobile device.

Spanning 100+ countries and localized in 13 different languages, Valora provides an accessible platform for crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you’re sending payments, purchasing digital goods, or diving into your favorite Celo Dapps like Ubeswap, Valora brings it all together in one intuitive app.

Unlocking Synergies, Creating Opportunities

This partnership is more than just a collaboration; it’s a convergence of expertise and innovation. By joining forces, Valora and Double aim to expand the horizons of the Valora community. Together, we’re unlocking new avenues for saving money, exploring diverse Dapp partners, and venturing into uncharted territories within the crypto universe.

Valora wallet users now have a new opportunity to use any token in their wallet to engage with Double’s liquidity program and increase the liquidity of the token, as well as earn 100 DDJ and a DDC utility NFT. How?

Token holders can deposit their assets into Double here, checking their ranking via genesis.double2win.xyz, following the user guide provided. The program offers a unique opportunity for token holders to not only access special benefits but also contribute to the liquidity of their favorite tokens.

Whether you’re a seasoned crypto explorer or taking your first steps into the world of blockchain, this partnership promises to empower you with an extraordinary fusion of convenience, profitability, and accessibility.

Curious to know more? Discover the revolution in liquidity provision brought to you by Double at https://www.double2win.xyz.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this remarkable journey together. The future of the Celo blockchain ecosystem just got even brighter with Valora and Double leading the way!




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