Double Integrates Uniswap V3 on Celo for Liquidity Providers

2 min readNov 9, 2023


Are you ready for a groundbreaking development in the world of DeFi? Double is thrilled to announce its latest product release, a game-changing integration with Uniswap V3, the most popular AMM. This integration is set to redefine the user experience inside of Double, opening doors to unparalleled opportunities for both seasoned and novice users.

Uniswap V3: The Powerhouse of AMMs

Uniswap V3 has emerged as the dominant force in the world of AMMs, and for good reason. Its innovative features empower liquidity providers and traders alike. With this integration, Double is set to harness the immense potential of Uniswap V3, transforming the DeFi experience for its users.

Providing and Importing Liquidity Positions

Users will now have the power to both provide liquidity and import existing liquidity positions from Uniswap V3. Let’s explore these game-changing features in more detail:

1. Providing Liquidity: Double’s integration with Uniswap V3 enables liquidity providers to earn yield from a trusted brand. By supplying capital into Double and pairing it with tokens, users can earn fees and participate in the DeFi ecosystem’s growth with 2x power.

2. Importing Liquidity Positions: Users can seamlessly migrate their existing liquidity positions on Uniswap v3 into Double, and earn incentives in the form of DDJ tokens. This feature enables users to earn incentives for their Uniswap v3 LP positions which otherwise won’t be able to earn any additional yields.

Why Double’s Uniswap V3 Integration Matters

Maximized Profit Potential: With Uniswap V3’s advanced features and Double’s user-friendly interface, liquidity providers can optimize their earnings and make the most of their assets.

Access to the Leading AMM: Uniswap V3’s dominance in the DeFi world means that Double users will benefit from the highest liquidity and trading volumes, enhancing their overall experience.

In conclusion, Double’s integration with Uniswap V3 is an exciting step forward for all users. We’re excited to bring this innovation to the Double community, and we look forward to a brighter, more accessible DeFi future together.

Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t miss out on the opportunities this integration will unlock for you.

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